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With integrity we create delicious, best-in-class beauty protein bars with premium, consciously-sourced ingredients that enhance your outer beauty from within, increase your vitality, and nourish your body and spirit.


Maren and Laura approach every aspect of Glow Beauty Fuel as an opportunity to dramatically improve what most consider acceptable in protein bars- from making certain the bar recipes are absolutely crave-worthy, to using the finest culinary ingredients that are consciously sourced, sustainable, non-GMO, and chiefly organic to designing fresh-looking packaging that reflects the fresh-tasting bars. Importantly, most all the ingredients are superfoods..

“We found current protein bars to be gummy or chalky, contain too much sugar to be healthy, and NOT gut-friendly. There are quite a few common and  inexpensive protein bar ingredients that are nutritional no no’s, and we did not go near them. Three years in development with hundreds of recipe trials, we’ve created the beauty protein bar of our dreams. We took a bold approach and radically upgraded the ingredients to a culinary level, so the bars are delicious. We then added full doses of the four most effective clinically proven beauty supplements.” 



Maren Jensen and Laura Shoemaker have been passionately involved in wellness, beauty and the healing arts their entire professional lives. Between them, they have clocked over 60 years!

 Here are their stories.

About Maren Jensen

Maren is the co-founder of Stila Cosmetics (a company she started in 1993 along with celebrity makeup artist Jeanine Lobell), creating what quickly became THE IT makeup brand of the decade. A favorite of models and actresses, Stila was the #1 selling makeup brand at Sephora for many years running.

Maren is a native Hawaiian. Awarded a scholarship to UCLA where she studied theater, Maren, in a Hollywood moment was discovered at a Los Angeles record store. Recruited to become a model (Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Cosmopolitan), she later became a television and film actress (Battlestar Galactica among others). This professional chapter was cut short by chronic fatigue syndrome (ME-CFS). Maren turned what could have been a huge setback into an early passionate pursuit of sustainable health and life-long exploration of food and supplements as medicine, creating a solid foundation for the ethos of Glow Beauty Fuel.

Maren has been taking the beauty supplements in Glow Beauty Fuel’s bars for over 20 years, and is a testament to their efficacy. While she rotates through all three flavors, her absolute favorite is Cherry Grazie.
“I love the mix of tart cherries with chunky organic chocolate, sweetened with coconut sugar. Adding crunchy roasted almonds makes it a perfectly-balanced scrumptious treat.”

Mega-brand Stila was eventually purchased by the Estee Lauder Companies. Fast forward to now, where Maren has created another breakthrough beauty brand, producing the most delicious, most effective beauty foods of their kind.

About Laura Shoemaker

is ultra-connected to nature and to earth. A licensed esthetician and classically trained homeopath, Laura graduated with honors from The British Institute of Homeopathy. She grew up in Northern California where as a teen, she was discovered by FORD Models and became a cover girl, gracing the pages of ELLE, VOGUE and HARPER’S BAZAAR magazines. 

Laura spent hours in the kitchen with her Grandma Lillie, who taught her the hard, rewarding work of gardening, canning and cooking homegrown food. Together they created recipes that would heal the body from the inside out. In fact, her grandmother’s chocolate coconut candy recipe is the inspiration behind the “chocolate mania” glow beauty fuel bar. 

Laura’s devotion to holistic beauty and health led to a deeper quest for education and the mastery of multiple forms of yoga and meditation. Laura is a part time homesteader in Woodstock, New York, growing and foraging most of her own seasonal organic food. She is an erudite pioneer woman, and self-defined “earth girl” who has great reverence for our planet-putting her hands and feet in the soil daily.