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Hyaluronic Acid: A Transformative Beauty Supplement

As a licensed esthetician and classically trained homeopath, I understand the structure and physiology of skin. One key supplement to skin health and beauty is Hyaluronic Acid (H/A). Let me give you a short primer on why you should be consuming Hyaluronic Acid daily. And no worries, it is not a true “acid”.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

As a skin pro, Hyaluronic Acid (H/A) is a beauty supplement always on my MUST HAVE list. H/A is a substance that is naturally present in our bodies and acts as a cushion and lubricant in our joints and tissues. In medicine, H/A is a relatively new discovery tested in the 1990s, to reduce joint pain, stiffness and inflammation as well as dry eyes. Its a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that protects the cells that produce collagen. Hyaluronic acid, described as natures moisturizer, is one of the most hydrophilic molecules in nature – holds up to 1000 times its volume in water!

How does Hyaluronic Acid improve my skin?

Its a transformative beauty superstar supplement that works synergistically with collagen to give you that luminous glow from within.Just as our collagen production slows as we mature, our Hyaluronic Acid starts to diminish too, causing the skin to appear drier, less supple and prematurely aged. Studies show that consuming 120 mg per day significantly hydrates and plumps skin and reduces other dry skin conditions like redness and dermatitis- after supplementing for only one month. Think of edible hyaluronic acid as natural filler.” H/A makes the skin look plump, hydrated, luminous.

Can I eat Hyaluronic Acid?

Yes. Hyaluronic Acid when taken in supplement form in the correct recommended dosage is perfectly safe and has no discernible taste.

Can I get my daily supplement of H/A in my skincare cream?

We love the way serums and skin creams feel, but the H/A molecule is much too large to penetrate beneath the outer layers of the skin.

When applied topically, HA attracts water from the air, moisturizes, and can temporarily reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles. When ingested, HA circulates and holds moisture throughout the entire body, especially in skin (where we want it most). The ingested hyaluronic acid molecule attracts and retains in the layers of the skin up to 1000 times its weight in water. It is like a big drink of water for the skin. The results of consuming the recommended H/A dosage is far more impactful than applying it topically. Our Glow Beauty Fuel Bars provide the recommended daily dose of Hyaluronic Acid plus they are irresistibly delicious.

What kind of Hyaluronic Acid is used in Glow Beauty Fuel bars?

Glow Beauty Fuels consciously-sourced hyaluronic acid is vegan, and chemical-free. Our edible H/A is plant based and made from bacteria- the good kind! Glow Beauty Fuel adds 120mg of chemical-free, vegan hyaluronic acid to every bar. H/A works synergistically with the other beauty supplements contained in our protein bar: Bioactive Collagen, Vitamin C and Hibiscus Flower Extract for more glowing skin, shiny hair and stronger nails. In fact, just one scrumptious Glow Beauty Fuel bar a day supplies 100% of your daily beauty supplements.

Our mission at Glow Beauty Fuel is to offer you the best in class, irresistible protein bars to transform your beauty, health and wellness.

By Laura Shoemaker, Founder Glow Beauty Fuel

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